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This morning a colleague taking the bus to work spotted me out of the window as I went past on my bicycle in my own little world, enjoying the  sun on a shared path running parallel to the bus route on the main road. Acting quickly he turned on his Strava to see who would be the fastest to work, the bus in the bus lane or the unbeknownst rider taking the less busy back roads.Read More
The scale of helmet infringements
Infringements 650
According to NSW infringement records from 2010/11, riding your bicycle in an “incorrect position” could cost you $54, oh, and all you Strava dudes and dudettes getting out of your saddle trying to smash your K/QOMs on that uphill segment, watch out, you might be accused of not sitting astride your saddle ($54). Joking aside, there are some serious insights in this little dataset. 6,533 riders in NSW either weren’t wearing a helmet or didn’t have one fastened. That was 70% of infringements in 2010/2011. Here they all are, some are funny “riding furiously”Read More
Making The Grade
Steep slopes can be a barrier and potential hazard for not only bike riders but pedestrians and those with mobility impairments (e.g. those in wheelchairs). So we thought it might be useful for planners and advocates to look at a map showing which roads are steeper than others. The Gradient Map displays average slope for a road segment and have been classified as follows: Less the 3% Grade (ideal for attracting novice riders) 3% – 5% Grade (attracting novices becomes increasingly difficult above 3% – see below) Above 5% Grade (should notRead More
Sydney Green Grid

Posted On November 10, 2015By RideableIn Maps

Sydney business meetings are just a walk in the park

Sydney green grid map Fancy a lunch time walk or picking a more healthy relaxed route to work? Check out this map from NSW Government’s Architects Office (how posh does that sound!) to help plan your walking journey taking in Green Spaces and steps taken from origin to destination.Read More

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New cycling map from ESRI Story Maps

Cycling Vs. Running ESRI Australia have pushed out a cool map which allows you to compare running vs cycling activity in Australian capital cities – give it a go it’s fun! Strava is an app that many cyclists and runners use to track their routes. The bar in the middle lets you swipe between two heat maps.  The redder/pinker areas indicate higher activity than the cooler blue routes. Left = Cycling Activity Right = Running ActivityRead More
Keep Sydney Moving

Posted On September 27, 2015By RideableIn Technology, Videos

Cyclists Keep Sydney Moving

2,500 riders a day commute across this bridge, can you spot us? There we are, those tiny dots, on the western side by the Observatory. Just because you can’t see us, doesn’t mean we’re not there. We’re often on the back roads, or on small cycleways like on the bridge, a world away from the busy roads and streets that people normally associate with getting to work. Our commute starts early, it’s full of fresh air, catch ups with mates on the slow climbs and seeing the best views of Sydney on the descents.Read More
3D elevations and journey times

Posted On September 16, 2015By RideableIn Maps

Brisbane Bike Share 3D elevations and journey mapping

With the Asia-Pacific Cycle Congress just around the corner, we’re betting it won’t be long before the visitors are chucking a leg over a Lipton Cityshare bicycle. This map will work out the nearest bike station (little yellow lipton symbol) to your starting point (the little walking symbol). It’ll do the same for the end point The map works out how long it’ll take to ride between hire stations and suggest a route for you too – bonza! See map hereRead More