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This morning a colleague taking the bus to work spotted me out of the window as I went past on my bicycle in my own little world, enjoying the  sun on a shared path running parallel to the bus route on the main road. Acting quickly he turned on his Strava to see who would be the fastest to work, the bus in the bus lane or the unbeknownst rider taking the less busy back roads.Read More
The scale of helmet infringements
Infringements 650
According to NSW infringement records from 2010/11, riding your bicycle in an “incorrect position” could cost you $54, oh, and all you Strava dudes and dudettes getting out of your saddle trying to smash your K/QOMs on that uphill segment, watch out, you might be accused of not sitting astride your saddle ($54). Joking aside, there are some serious insights in this little dataset. 6,533 riders in NSW either weren’t wearing a helmet or didn’t have one fastened. That was 70% of infringements in 2010/2011. Here they all are, some are funny “riding furiously”Read More
Making The Grade
Steep slopes can be a barrier and potential hazard for not only bike riders but pedestrians and those with mobility impairments (e.g. those in wheelchairs). So we thought it might be useful for planners and advocates to look at a map showing which roads are steeper than others. The Gradient Map displays average slope for a road segment and have been classified as follows: Less the 3% Grade (ideal for attracting novice riders) 3% – 5% Grade (attracting novices becomes increasingly difficult above 3% – see below) Above 5% Grade (should notRead More
Pricey fines for motorists in Sydney
Rideable mapped out the data behind an article by Business Insider Australia Speed Camera Article, published 26 August 2015. “The speed camera focused on northbound traffic on the Eastern Distributor in the tunnel between Oxford and William streets, is what NSW treasurer Gladys Berejiklian would call a nice little earner, courtesy of the Roads and Maritime Service.” Source:Read More
The most liveable cities according to
Three different takes on measuring “liveability” by three different publications. We popped the results in to a simple Venn diagram to see which cities are common in each of the top 10 ranking liveable cities from Mercer, Monacle and The Economist. Vienna, Vancouver and Sydney make all three!Read More
10 of the most
Mixing ‘top 10s’ from different, often very subjective, independent surveys can be somewhat misleading, but it is fun! The definition of ‘Liveability’. We picked the Economist’s measure of Living Standards which uses “data such crime rates, health statistics, sanitation standards, and expenditures on city services. Their primary clients, government and corporations, are interested in assessing “the degree to which expatriates enjoy the potential standard of living in the host location”. Ref Of course, when looking at ‘Bicycle Friendly’ cities, the popular go to website quoted is Copenhaganize. Interestingly the top ten most bicycleRead More
A big reason to ride

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Cars holding up traffic

The winter commute in Sydney. You gotta feel for these guys in there cars just sitting there idle. This show was taken at the top of Sydney Road, just before Spit Bridge at 7:45am and it’s chocabloc! But only in one lane. The other is totally empty. According to Census 2011 stats, only 53 people ride to the city from here. That’s 53 people getting to work quicker by the back streets. Sydney cyclists all over the city find their own way through little known back streets, avoiding school drop offRead More