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Bristol animation

Posted On September 10, 2013By RideableIn Data, Transport, Uncategorized, Videos, Visualisations

Bristol video is up!

It’s Bristol Bike Week and Rideable’s gettin’ in on the action!Read More
What a cracker of a morning to be commuting from the Eastern suburbs. Centennial Park, Moore Park, Bourke St cycleway and then on to the bridge before grabbing a coffee with mates – can’t think of a better way to get to work!Read More

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Heading to Sydney’s wintery west

Yesterday was an early start riding with a couple of awesome cycle commuters in Sydney’s west. Early morning starts are pretty special anyway, but when when those early mornings are in the winter it’s on another level. The roads are empty, the fog looks beautiful with the street lights and in Sydney we’re especially lucky as once we’ve been pedalling for 5 minutes it’s pretty much the perfect riding temperature. Sure it can be tough getting out of bed but I’ve never met a cyclist on an early morning rideRead More

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Testing submission form for 4th June

The submission form for the 4th June is being tested on the rideable home page.  We’re running some tests this evening with some dummy GPX files. It’s getting exciting – just over a week to go!Read More
We’ve put together a flyer which can be put up near your bike cages/lockers at work or on the staff notice board to let more cyclists know about 4th June! We laminated ours – doesn’t it look nice? Rideable    Read More

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Cold, what cold?

It takes commitment to get up at 4:45am to meet your mates for a ride at 5:15am in the summer, let alone the winter. Our last visualisation started at 6am and a few cyclists out there  suggested we run the next one a little earlier as they’re practically at the office by 6! So we’re starting our next visualisation at 5am, for all those eager beavers, keen beans and early birds who like to make the most of their journey to work while most of Sydney is still asleep. ThanksRead More

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Sydney’s first visualisation wrap up

We’ve had a blast since running the first visualisation, so much so we’ve decided to do it again! As well as providing cyclists with an awesome visualisation, we’ll show how cyclists connect to and from population centres around greater Sydney and the CBD. We’ll be able to look at the busiest times, the busiest routes and we’ll understand more about how we’re moving around the most beautiful city in the world – Sydney! I’m sure we’ll see some crazy commutes too – who got 61km on the last one? To date,Read More
Here’s a little clip from our decision point – some of you guessed it was Parriwi Road, Mosman, NSW. Route 1 is super busy. It can be pretty congested up until 9am with lots of cars, buses and trucks. It’s the  main road to the city from Mosman and smells of exhaust fumes 🙁 If you’re quick and a super confident cyclist then route 1 might be your preference as it’s the flattest route with the shortest distance but you can get held up quite often at traffic lights andRead More