Thanks to everyone who has sent in files today – that’s great! Hopefully we get lots tomorrow! These two guys are doing it all wrong!  Read More
What if I start my ride before 6am on the 26th March – can I still take part? – Not a problem, please send in your GPX file – the earliest so far is 5am! I’d like to take part but I’m not riding on the 26th. Can I stillRead More
Some cyclists actively seek out hills. Steep hills. Short Hills. Long Hills. Up hills. Down hills. How do you ride to work?  Read More
This little (1.3MB!) GPX came in last night – thanks to the Audax guys for testing the submission process at Rideable – and well done for completing the 366km ride from Parkes to Canberra in 14.5hrs – legends!Read More
Thanks for the words of encouragement from the cyclists who have mailed in – we really appreciate it!Read More
Woah – just checked the inbox and we’re receiving GPS files from you guys already! This is great and we’re super glad the submission process works hehe. That said, please remember to send your files through from your ride on the morning of the 26th March as well though. WithRead More
It’s taken a day or so but slowly people are starting to mail in showing support – thank you!Read More