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Why is route 2 the most popular?

Our cyclist has been totally amped this week. She’s found that cycling has a another advantage when it comes to work too. She’s able to think through complex work issues on her ride and put them in to perspective more easily. It must be all that energy kicking about in her brain! There’s only one last hurdle, the decision point. Here’s the full story (ish) Road 1 is the flattest most convenient route to the CBD – but it’s chokka bloc of heavy traffic, bus lanes and traffic lights andRead More
Day 2 – new information – traffic lights This might split the riders opinions up a bit. Our cyclist loves the idea of Road 3 to the CBD although she’s still confused as to why lots of cyclists are heading down road 1 and turning in to road 2. Although counter intuitive, she follows the sign and turns back on herself to make her way to road 3. She notices some traffic lights and waits patiently after she’s pressed the button. She continues to wait for almost 2 minutes whileRead More

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How we ride, day 2

Day 2 – Wednesday Our intrepid commuter cyclist decided to head down road 1 yesterday as she knew it would eventually get her to work. Unfortunately she felt quite intimidated on the main road and vowed to find another route the next morning. Although she had driven her car on this road every day, she was amazed at how different the experience was to cycle on it and at times she felt a little intimidated when she had to pull out of the inside lane when getting past parked cars.Read More

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The ‘how we ride quiz’

How we ride – decision points All over Sydney there are cyclists who make route decisions based on any number of personal preferences. This week, we’d like to run some little quizzes which we hope will let us take a peek in to how all our brains work. Some of you may recognise where the diagram below could be. That’s cool but really this decision point can be anywhere in Sydney and after we’ve run this little quiz we’ll ask you to send in decision points you come by on yourRead More