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Posted On June 14, 2014By RideableIn Data, Transport, Visualisations

A new take on cycle mapping

Rideable has pulled in some data from the Census of 2011 as well as bicycle infrastructure layers from the Roads and Maritime Services to produce a new kind of map. You can click on the layers in the left hand navigation menu to switch off/on data as you like. This map includes: Journey to work data (Census 2011) for each council area of Sydney – check out how many people in your area cycle to work Cycleway infrastructure (separated cycleways, shared paths, road shoulders and mixed traffic) courtesy of RoadsRead More
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A new kind of cycling map for Sydney Our Beta version of Desktop Map features routes submitted by Sydney commuter cyclists as well as Journey to Work data and cycling infrastructure found in and around central Sydney. We hope this map will be of use to town planners, councils and the general public when trying to understand what infrastructure there is and how it is being used by commuter cyclists. Rideable heat maps Journey to work data featuring cycle mode share by Local Government Authority Bicycle infrastructure (dedicated, shared andRead More

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Fingers crossed for tomorrow!

Thanks to everyone who has sent in files today – that’s great! Hopefully we get lots tomorrow! These two guys are doing it all wrong!  Read More